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Raul Ally was deported last night – the Tanzanian government did not accept him – we are awaiting more information

Originally posted by TCAR tcarblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/raul-ally-was-deported-last-night.html?spref=tw

Raul Ally was deported yesterday evening without warning, without his family and friends being notified, without removal details. This was hours after UKBA asked Raul if he would be able to make his own way back to Newcastle, suggesting he would be released soon. And after family visits for Saturday and an appointment with a solicitor for today had been arranged

Raul Ali's supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

Raul Ali’s supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

After 14 days of being on hunger strike and in a weakened state, a member of staff from Colnbrook entered the room and told Raul it was ‘time to go home, time to go back to Tanzania.’ Raul is not from Tanzania and has no connection to it. Shortly after this, 15 hired goons from private security firm Tascor (formerly Reliance and now owned by Capita) entered the room and forcibly carried Raul to the plane.

He was the first person on the plane and they bundled him into the staff room so that any protest he made would not be seen by passengers. Surely the pilot must have known about this treatment and the kidnap of Raul but allowed it to continue. We currently don’t know which airline it was that took him – but will find out and publicise the information.

Raul was taken to Tanzania but the government refused to take him because he is not Tanzanian. We are waiting to find out where he is now and what will happen next. We will keep the blog updated so check back for more information later tonight and tomorrow.

Raul’s family would like to thank everyone for their hard work. We will keep fighting

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[TCAR blog 16.04.13] While being held in Colnbrook immigration prison Raul has been refused proper medical attention. He has demanded to see a doctor to get health checks during his hunger strike but has been repeatedly refused. When supporters rang the healthcare unit in the prison, they were told that a doctor sees all detainees every morning – this is a lie.

Raul saw a nurse three days ago and it wasn’t until supporters put pressure on Colnbrook and chased up his MP to do the same that a doctor eventually saw him. Callers to the prison were repeatedly told by staff that ‘there is no problem’ as Raul was not being ‘treated differently from anyone else here’. Unfortunately, that is the problem.


Raul Ally – fought off his deportation today

Raul was taken to Heathrow Airport in a van by Tascor private security firm. Tascor are hired by UKBA to ‘escort’ detainees from immigration prisons to the airport. They are the largest private sector provider of this ‘service’ worldwide. Four Tascor men (Mr James Clark, Mr Simon Duke, Mr Gavin Coblem, and one other who went by the name of Matt) tried to get Raul out of the van to bundle him on the flight, deport and dump him in Tanzania.

Raul, despite being on hunger strike for 7 days and in a weak condition, courageously held on to the seat in the van as the four racist thugs attempted to drag him out, they cuffed one of his hands, he continued to struggle, wrapping his legs around part of the van, they then used their fingers to put heavy pressure on his throat and eventually got his other hand cuffed and took him to the plane, leaving his arms cut. His hands are now numb from the cuffs.

They sat him at the back of the plane, still in handcuffs, one guard either side and two in front, the boss of the Tascor mob staring back at Raul in an attempt to keep him quiet. He asked for water but they refused to give him any. Raul did not succumb to this torture or intimidation and found the energy to shout out to the passengers for help.

Passengers were concerned and complained to the staff. They asked what was happening and the security officers told them ‘It’s alright, he is just being removed’. An air stewardess came over to see what was happening. Raul said to her ‘You are a witness to this, they are torturing me.’ She spoke to the pilot who came over and said he was refusing to take Raul on the flight and he should be taken off.

Raul was taken off the plane and is currently being held back in Colnbrook.

Raul’s assailants claimed that Raul had been biting them and they were going to issue a complaint. The boss, at another failed attempt of intimidation, while angrily pointing his finger into Raul’s chest, said ‘This is personal, I’m being serious, if I see anything about what happened or my name in the paper I’m going to sue you.’ Raul looked him in the eye and said ‘I am being serious too.’

Raul is determined to fight and has stated he will remain on hunger strike until he is back in Newcastle.

Tyneside Community Action Against Racism and supporters of Raul bombarded Kenya Airlines with phone calls to demand they did not take him. From the volume of calls they received they took the phones off line until after 8pm (when the flight had left).

Prior to this one of their staff told callers that the Home Office had cancelled Raul’s seat on the flight so there was no need for people to keep ringing in. This was a complete lie and further underlines the complicity of companies such as Kenya Airways in carrying out deportations.

Raul thanks everyone for their help. We need to continue the fight against Britain’s racist immigration laws. Keep checking the blog for updates and ways you can get involved.

Shut down all immigration prisons!

No deportations!


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Stop the deportation of Raul Ally on hunger strike since 10th April

Raul is currently being held in Colnbrook immigration prison to be deported to Tanzania  TOMORROW Wednesday 17th April on flight KQ101 from Heathrow

Take action:

Call Colnbrook to demand his release. Tell them you know he is on hunger strike (for almost a week now) they need to release him so he can get proper medical attention and he is in no fit state to fly.

Tel: 020 86075200
Then press option 1
Then press 310 (healthcare)

Or try:

Tel: 020 86075200
Then press option 1
Then press 354 (UKBA staff in Colnbrook)

Fax: 0208 7597996

Ring Kenya Airlines, flight KQ101 from Heathrow Wednesday 17th, 8pm. Demand that they do not take Raul. He is from Somalia and they are trying to
deport him to Tanzania against his will.

Central Office: 020 8283 1800
Heathrow Office: 020 8759 7366
Passenger reservations: 020 8283 1818
Email: UKres@kenya-airways.com
Fax: 020 82831880

See below for more information:

Monday 15th April Tyneside Community Action Against Racism (TCAR) organised a protest with Raul’s family and friends to demand his release from Colnbrook immigration prison and to halt the deportation set for this Wednesday 17th April.

Over 30 people attended the protest, with banners, placards and speeches and chants on the megaphone linking the racist treatment of asylum seekers and migrants to Britain’s imperialist plunder and pillage around the world, not least in Somalia.

Somalia has been carved up so that its energy resources can be exploited. In a conference on Somalia hosted in London in December 2011 Britain talked of its intention to secure ‘British interests’ in the oil-rich and strategically important region.

Now another conference is to be held in London on 7 May 2013. Ugandan, Burundian, Kenyan, Ethiopian, US, British and French troops have entered Somalia. Activists also protested outside Virgin Money, with several people occupying offices demanding to speak to a manager, highlighting Virgin’s role, with Virgin Atlantic, in deporting asylum seekers.

Raul, 18 years old, fled Somalia when he was 12 and has been living in the north east ever since. This is the second time he has been criminlaised and locked up in an immigration prison. The Home Office are trying to deport him to Tanzania – a country he has never been to and has no connection to. Raul has went on hunger strike because he is making a protest and stated he
would ‘rather starve than be treated like this’.

TCAR asks the question: who are the real criminals? The British government and companies who force war and poverty onto millions of people around the world? Or the people who are forced to flee such situations?

Free Raul Ally! End the criminalisation of asylum seekers and migrants!


Justice for Immigrants! Freedom for Refugees!
Together we are Stronger!

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Said Kasim – FREE! A victory for all against racist UKBA

Said Kasim Mohamed has been freed after a prolonged 23 day hunger strike inside Colnbrook IRC and a battle with UKBA and SERCO.

Campaigners hailed this not only a massive victory for Said, but the campaign, and all those both inside and outside immigration detention who have supported Said and his fight for justice.

Once Said finally left Colnbrook IRC, he was incredibly happy and thanked all his supporters for their courage and efforts against his oppressors in UKBA and SERCO. Said was also temporarily released with Selim, an Algerian man also on hunger strike for over 15 days.

Colnbrook IRC is a high level security prison used to detain immigrants, constructed under the previous Labour government.

Said was freed on Friday under temporary measures set out by UKBA, after  doctors inside the centre became outraged and disgusted at his ongoing treatment in the immigration prison. Said will have to sign on at a reporting centre on 22 March, another chance for UKBA to snatch him as he still does not have proper bail or any temporary citizenship whilst he seeks justice.

UKBA retreated and signed Said out after tens of supporters continuously rang and faxed Colnbrook IRC and UKBA to complain about Said’s treatment,

Many campaigners from groups including Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, No Borders, Prisoners Advice Service, Medical Justice, and BID mobilised to help Said as well as countless individuals from Britain and abroad who heard about his case via mailing lists and online tools like Twitter. John Mcdonnell MP also contacted the immigration minister about Said’s case.

Said was then sent to local Hillingdon Hospital for a check up, the hospital which has a history with below par treatment for immigrant prisoners from the local Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres.


Doctors at Hillingdon put Said on a drip but offered him no advice on how to begin eating again after a hunger strike.

Instead the hospital gave Said a sandwich to eat, a dangerous move as eating the wrong things could be deadly for the body after such a prolonged period without eating. Guides recommend hunger strikers eat liquid foods and juice in small portions until 2 weeks or so have elapsed. This is not the first time Said has been neglected by doctors and medical staff in and surrounding Colnbrook IRC.

Hands off Somalia supporters went to the hospital to help Said with his bags and to move out of the area.


UKBA told Said he would get a train ticket to his friends house out of London, but UKBA never produced the ticket. Said had to rush to the train station to buy his own ticket before the last trains at midnight.

Going forward the campaigns and supporters involved are re-energised to support Said, fight deportations and stop the criminalisation of immigrants in Britain.

Together we are stronger and a victory for one is a victory for all.

Shut down Colnbrook IRC!

Hands off Somalia! Hands off immigrants!

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Said Kasim in CRITICAL condition due to hunger strike – please help him!!

this post is updated regularly with new telephone numbers etc.

thanks for everyone who has called UKBA and Colnbrook – KEEP IT UP! FREE SAID!

Dear Everyone,

Said Kasim seriously needs some help – just 5 minutes of your time – anything you can do to raise alarm will be appreciated by Said.

Said has been on hunger strike 22 days but ignored by SERCO and UKBA. He had not been seen by a doctor until last night when he was moved to the healthcare unit. Said now has signs of kidney and liver failure, SERCO are refusing responsibility. Said is still refusing to go to a hospital until UKBA release him or make an intervention to such effect.

Text message received just now from Said:

“Doctor came im room with UKBA doctor told me found out my one kidney it doesin’t working and liver problem, so told me to take me to hospital i refuse to go i told them i need a letter release then i’ll go, then doctor asked me some quetion about treatment from them, drid tablets and some food but i refuse all then doctor give to me a form to sign then doctor said from now finished dealing with me but now anything wrong happen to ukba only but not healthcare department because they are already give to ukba my result. Anthony i am in very hard situation even my urine blood inside”

Said Kasim Mohamed

Said Kasim Mohamed

Said was not taken off his cocktail of medicines for hypertension and depression by SERCO staff despite eating no food for 22 days. Likely this is the cause of his now severe condition.

As you can see SERCO are now backing down and blaming UKBA – now is the time to strike Colnbrook IRC – UKBA – the lot of them.

Said is demanding to be released out of the detention centre which is killing him. Bail, UKBA release, whatever – just out of the prison (i.e. Said told us he doesn’t want to go to the hospital then back to the prison again – we know UKBA do that).

Said has not committed any crimes and never absconded or broken terms laid down by UKBA.

We know 2 Algerian men just got out of Colnbrook IRC after 15 days of hunger strike and have not come back to Colnbrook.

We recommend you ring Colnbrook healthcare now and we have provided some questions you can ask below

Name: Said Kasim Mohamed (referred to as ‘Eddy Issa’ by UKBA, incase they ask or deny knowing who Said is)
HO Ref: M1382343
CID: 7236534


  1. Ring 0208 607 5200
  2. then press OPTION 1
  3. THEN PRESS 310 (Healthcare)

Or instead, try:

  1. Ring 0208 607 5200
  2. press OPTION 1
  3. THEN PRESS 354 (UKBA staff in Colnbrook)

or Fax Colnbrook 0208 759 7996 (attn: UKBA centre manager and SERCO healthcare unit)

and/or Fax UKBA in Colnbrook 0208 990 1092 (Attn: UKBA contract manager, deputy manager)

Demand Said’s immediate release and ask the following questions:

  • Ask why SERCO staff only put Said in the healthcare unit last night after literally ignoring him for 20 days and not letting him be seen by a doctor once. They are responsible for his health

  • Ask why Said is on hunger strike – why would someone have to take this measure?

  • Ask why UKBA refuse to give Said a proper interview with the Tanzanian embassy to ‘prove’ he has a connection with that country?

  • Ask why UKBA were still feeding Said a cocktail of medicines for hypertension and depression despite the fact that he has not had food in 20 days?

  • Ask why SERCO nurses kept hiding Said’s blood sugar level readings from him

  • Ask why UKBA are holding Said in detention prison when they are not deporting him

  • Ask why Said’s judicial review was thrown out in 10 minutes despite him not having access to a proper translator (they got a Swahili one when he speaks Kibajuni – a Somali dialect).


Other things you can do:

Call UKBA switchboard (9am-445pm)

Telephone: 0870 606 7766

Call the Ministry of Justice (in charge of prisons etc)

Telephone: 020 3334 3555 (open 9am-430pm)

Ring the Home Office (immigration) to report a hunger strike protest and ask the above questions

Telephone: 020 7035 4848
Fax: 020 7035 4745
Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Contact local MP John Mcdonnell to inform him about Said’s hunger strike and critical condition (he has intervened before)

Email: mcdonnellj@parliament.uk

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/johnmcdonnellMP

Alert journalists

Zoe Williams, Twitter – @zoesqwilliams. She is a journalist for the Guardian who has written recently about asylum seekers on section 4.

The Independent
Phone: 020 7005 2000
Email: c.hamilton@independent.co.uk, newseditor@independent.co.uk, foreigneditor@independent.co.uk, letters@independent.co.uk

The Guardian
Phone: 020 3353 2000
Email: owen.bowcott@guardian.co.uk, sam.jones@guardian.co.uk, national@guardian.co.uk, news@observer.co.uk

The Telegraph
Phone: 020 7931 2000
Email: rosa.silverman@telegraph.co.uk, dtnews@telegraph.co.uk, stnews@telegraph.co.uk

Phone: 020 3615 0600
Email: joel.taylor@ukmetro.co.uk, news.london@ukmetro.co.uk

In Said’s own words:

“I better off die than to be locked inside like this… I am not a terrorist and I’m not a danger to the public. In short, I’m not going to stop my hunger strike until I die”

UKBA wrongly accuse Said of being from Tanzania, a country he has no connection with and they have not proven his identity other than a flawed SPRAKAB test – a corrupt testing system UKBA dropped because it was not reliable enough. Said is from the persecuted Bajuni ethnic minority, from the island of Koyama (Bajuni Islands) in Somalia.

Said was beaten up by UKBA contracted Reliance security staff during his removal in September 2012 and despite recently applying for judicial review against the government (representing himself in court due to no legal aid available) has not had any luck getting justice.



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Said Kasim begins a hunger strike in Colnbrook IRC

Said Kasim has informed supporters of Hands off Somalia that he has begun a hunger strike inside Colnbrook immigration prison, in protest to his extensive unlawful detention – which is now over one year – and increasingly oppressive treatment inside the prison.

Said went for a further Judicial Review last Friday, only to find that the courts and contracted translation services CAPTIA had once again failed to provide Said with a Kibajuni translator. The judge adjourned his case but with no set date and ruled that Said’s removal can still take place.

British courts are scrambling after paying translation service CAPITA millions, only to find out CAPTIA can not provide a proper service and constantly don’t turn up to court. MPs have even described the deal as ‘nothing short of shambolic’.

Said forwarded HOS the fax below which emotionally explains his reasoning behind the protest and that he is prepared to risk his health and  life in order to get his freedom. Said also sent this fax to SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest.

Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest

Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest

Doctors at Colnbrook IRC have rushed to advise Said to postpone his action as he currently takes a cocktail of medicines to help with his heart condition and depression, which were only caused by his detention. Doctors told Said that a hunger strike could prove seriously detrimental to his health as consuming the drugs he normally takes without food could damage his liver and kidneys.

Said told Hands off Somalia that he is determined to continue to fight for his freedom despite the serious risks involved.

He told UKBA’s doctors “I’m not scared about my problems for a long time, you are a doctor and this is part of your job so ask UKBA questions and tell them I want to be free. I am not a terrorist and I’m not a danger to the public. In short, I’m not going to stop my hunger strike until I die”

Hands off Somalia support Said in this protest and plan solidarity actions to support him

You can support Said:

  • Call Colnbrook IRC to complain. Tel: 020 8607 5200 PRESS OPTION 1 THEN PRESS 303
  • Ring the Home Office to report his protest and demand his freedom. Telephone:  020 7035 4848 or Fax: 020 7035 4745 or Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
  • Contact local MP John Mcdonnell to inform him about Said’s hunger strike and ask why someone like Said would have to take to such measures to get justice. Email: mcdonnellj@parliament.uk or Twitter https://twitter.com/johnmcdonnellMP
  • Send us a message on Facebook of any action you want to take
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A victory for Said – deportation flight cancelled!

Yesterday evening Said Kasim Mohamed was finally informed that his flight for today with Qatar Airlines had been cancelled by UKBA.

Although still on stand-by for any future deportation, this is a clear victory for Said, the campaigns, supporters, and all immigrants fighting deportation and racism. Together we send a clear message to UKBA that we oppose their racist treatment of immigrants in this country and we will fight deportations.

Since last week Said had been personally told by SERCO and UKBA inside Colnbrook IRC that his flight was cancelled and that he ‘shouldn’t worry’. However Said rightly demanded written proof of the cancellation as often immigrants are tricked and lied too by UKBA and SERCO guards. Such written proof never materialised.

After breaking his leg in an accident last Tuesday, and only getting it x-rayed on Friday night, Said was worried and stressed at the thought he could be deported to Tanzania, the east African country he has no connection with, considering he needs to visit the hospital next week for medical attention and has a heart condition.

In a last minute intervention, campaigners from Hands off Somalia (HOS) got in touch with John McDonnell MP for Hayes and Harlington. His office managed to get through to the Home Office who confirmed Said’s flight was cancelled. Mark Harper MP (Minister of State for Immigration) and his office were also informed of Said’s foul treatment at the hands of SERCO and UKBA.

An email sent to HOS yesterday from the office of John McDonnell MP informing that Said's ticket had been cancelled.

An email sent to HOS yesterday from the office of John McDonnell MP informing that Said’s ticket had been cancelled.


We believe the flight was cancelled due to pressure from campaigners and supporters on UKBA and Qatar Airlines to cancel the flight, as well as the upcoming Judicial Review held by Said (with the help from other prisoners) against UKBA and the Home Office.

Although happy to finally get hold of this important information, Said was still concerned that UKBA continue to play games with his life. Yesterday SERCO staff  held Said in ‘short time’ (small cells used before deporting an immigrant) for some hours, even though he was not to be deported.

Said also had his cell stripped of his possessions, clothing, and even cutlery and is still fighting to get them returned.

This morning Said informed Hands off Somalia that he spoke to Qatar Airlines where he was told his ticket had been cancelled although UKBA have already made enquires into booking a new ticket for Said. We must be vigilant and ready to act at any moment.

Its not clear how this is lawful since Said has a pending Judicial Review case and an active complaint with UKBA’s Professional Standards Unit (complaints department) which he could not pursue outside of Britain.

Said sends a message of thanks to all those who have stood in solidarity with him during these times when racist UKBA have really pushed him to the limit, both violating his human rights and attempting to emotionally manipulate him. Said told HOS he feels stronger and more energised to fight for his rights, knowing that people are fighting with him on the outside.

A victory for one is a victory for all!

Hands off immigrants! Hands off Somalia!


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Every victory is a lesson learned

On Friday night Said Kasim Mohamed finally got to hospital to x-ray his broken leg, which happened in an accident at 1230pm on Tuesday 22 January inside Colnbrook immigration prison. It was broken in three places.

Hands off Somalia (HOS), Fight Racism Fight Imperialism (FRFI, newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Group) and supporters have been campaigning for Said’s release since coming into contact with him last year. The groups accelerated their solidarity for Said when he had an accident and broke his leg in a confrontation with SERCO guards when they tried to lock up prisoners on the wing unnecessarily.

The fight to access basic medical care

Said battled with UKBA and their SERCO for four days as they insisted Said could only go to hospital if restrained in handcuffs, where as Said knew this was unlawful, a violation and a humiliation.

Said refused to be handcuffed and went without painkillers for the four days, living in extreme pain in his small cell with very little sleep. When supporters called Colnbrook to complain, the guards often laughed and lied – saying ‘we don’t handcuff people to go to hospital’ and ‘if Said broke his leg he would be in healthcare (prison hospital)’.

Said Kasim Mohamed

Said Kasim Mohamed

On Friday night Said once again approached SERCO guards, saying  ‘take me to hospital in a wheelchair without handcuffs, but I want to see your “Risk Assessment Form” ‘. The risk assessment form is paperwork that a senior guard must fill out to ‘calculate’ how much danger a prisoner poses to the outside world, or the guards themselves (considering how much they are hated).

See Detention Services Order 08/2008

Since Said has never committed a crime, has not attacked guards, and has no record of escape in the prison – its not clear why SERCO kept insisting Said be handcuffed.

Said’s demand to see the Risk Assessment shocked the SERCO guards, who did not expect that Said would know his legal rights. After 4 days of insisting Said must be handcuffed, SERCO guards then returned 30 minutes later and took Said to hospital without handcuffs.

Said has placed full complaints with SERCO, UKBA and has made local MPs aware of what is happening in their area. He has also reported this abuse to Medical Justice.

A victory for one is a victory for all

Said’s small victory was a slap in the face for SERCO guards and their friends in UKBA, and a victory for all other prisoners. UKBA must realise that prisoners like Said will not tolerate bullying and manipulation.

Working together with other prisoners, across the country, and campaigns like Hands off Somalia and the Revolutionary Communist Group, we can fight to build a movement to fight the inhumane, racist and unlawful treatment that immigrants face in Britain.

The lesson will be taken forward and applied. As long as we work together,  giving up is not an option.

Said still has not received full confirmation of his cancelled ticket on Qatar Airlines on Tuesday 29 January at 15:05 pm. Pressure still needs to be put onto UKBA and Qatar Airlines to stop this deportation.

When Hands off Somalia spoke to Said on Saturday night he was uplifted yet determined that he will fight on to prove has the right to stay, like all immigrants detained inside UKBA prisons, and will struggle until he is released.

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Who takes a man with a broken leg to hospital, in handcuffs?

… and the answer is:


Said Kasim Mohamed has forwarded us a fax he sent to Medical Justice, a group which demands proper healthcare for prisoners.
A fax forwarded to HOS by Said in Colnbrook

A fax forwarded to HOS by Said in Colnbrook

Said has been refused by UKBA to go to hospital since he broke his leg yesterday in an accident after being locked inside his room by UKBA during normal hours.
Said told Hands off Somalia
I really feel pain too much, I think they want to kill me, SERCO security guards and UKBA together. Last night I couldn’t sleep all night for pain.
We have tried multiple times to call Colnbrook IRC and complain but they simply ignore our pleas to let him access proper healthcare like any other human being. Said is in serious pain and needs proper medical attention.
Now UKBA have granted him a hospital visit – only if he is handcuffed.
How a man walking with a broken or injured leg, on a crutch, be handcuffed ….?
Said rightly refused to go to hospital handcuffed and refused to sign forms which state he is refusing to go to hospital, because he wants to go to hospital – but just not handcuffed.
UKBA have a lot to answer for and so do all the private firms that make a profit running the hell-hole that is Colnbrook IRC.
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Somali man on hunger strike in Morton Hall immigration prison

Hands off Somalia (HOS) have spoken to Italian-Somali man Mohamed Sheik who is protesting against his illegal treatment inside Morton Hall immigration prison. Mohamed is 23 years old and has been living in Italy since he was a child from where he travelled to live with some family in Britain in late 2006.
Mohamed has now been on hunger strike in Morton Hall IRC for nine days, alongside another man, a Moroccan called Laraby who has been in protest for 16 days. They are being supported by other inmates who oppose their unjust treatment.
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