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Raul Ally was deported last night – the Tanzanian government did not accept him – we are awaiting more information

Originally posted by TCAR tcarblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/raul-ally-was-deported-last-night.html?spref=tw

Raul Ally was deported yesterday evening without warning, without his family and friends being notified, without removal details. This was hours after UKBA asked Raul if he would be able to make his own way back to Newcastle, suggesting he would be released soon. And after family visits for Saturday and an appointment with a solicitor for today had been arranged

Raul Ali's supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

Raul Ali’s supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

After 14 days of being on hunger strike and in a weakened state, a member of staff from Colnbrook entered the room and told Raul it was ‘time to go home, time to go back to Tanzania.’ Raul is not from Tanzania and has no connection to it. Shortly after this, 15 hired goons from private security firm Tascor (formerly Reliance and now owned by Capita) entered the room and forcibly carried Raul to the plane.

He was the first person on the plane and they bundled him into the staff room so that any protest he made would not be seen by passengers. Surely the pilot must have known about this treatment and the kidnap of Raul but allowed it to continue. We currently don’t know which airline it was that took him – but will find out and publicise the information.

Raul was taken to Tanzania but the government refused to take him because he is not Tanzanian. We are waiting to find out where he is now and what will happen next. We will keep the blog updated so check back for more information later tonight and tomorrow.

Raul’s family would like to thank everyone for their hard work. We will keep fighting

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[TCAR blog 16.04.13] While being held in Colnbrook immigration prison Raul has been refused proper medical attention. He has demanded to see a doctor to get health checks during his hunger strike but has been repeatedly refused. When supporters rang the healthcare unit in the prison, they were told that a doctor sees all detainees every morning – this is a lie.

Raul saw a nurse three days ago and it wasn’t until supporters put pressure on Colnbrook and chased up his MP to do the same that a doctor eventually saw him. Callers to the prison were repeatedly told by staff that ‘there is no problem’ as Raul was not being ‘treated differently from anyone else here’. Unfortunately, that is the problem.


Raul Ally – fought off his deportation today

Raul was taken to Heathrow Airport in a van by Tascor private security firm. Tascor are hired by UKBA to ‘escort’ detainees from immigration prisons to the airport. They are the largest private sector provider of this ‘service’ worldwide. Four Tascor men (Mr James Clark, Mr Simon Duke, Mr Gavin Coblem, and one other who went by the name of Matt) tried to get Raul out of the van to bundle him on the flight, deport and dump him in Tanzania.

Raul, despite being on hunger strike for 7 days and in a weak condition, courageously held on to the seat in the van as the four racist thugs attempted to drag him out, they cuffed one of his hands, he continued to struggle, wrapping his legs around part of the van, they then used their fingers to put heavy pressure on his throat and eventually got his other hand cuffed and took him to the plane, leaving his arms cut. His hands are now numb from the cuffs.

They sat him at the back of the plane, still in handcuffs, one guard either side and two in front, the boss of the Tascor mob staring back at Raul in an attempt to keep him quiet. He asked for water but they refused to give him any. Raul did not succumb to this torture or intimidation and found the energy to shout out to the passengers for help.

Passengers were concerned and complained to the staff. They asked what was happening and the security officers told them ‘It’s alright, he is just being removed’. An air stewardess came over to see what was happening. Raul said to her ‘You are a witness to this, they are torturing me.’ She spoke to the pilot who came over and said he was refusing to take Raul on the flight and he should be taken off.

Raul was taken off the plane and is currently being held back in Colnbrook.

Raul’s assailants claimed that Raul had been biting them and they were going to issue a complaint. The boss, at another failed attempt of intimidation, while angrily pointing his finger into Raul’s chest, said ‘This is personal, I’m being serious, if I see anything about what happened or my name in the paper I’m going to sue you.’ Raul looked him in the eye and said ‘I am being serious too.’

Raul is determined to fight and has stated he will remain on hunger strike until he is back in Newcastle.

Tyneside Community Action Against Racism and supporters of Raul bombarded Kenya Airlines with phone calls to demand they did not take him. From the volume of calls they received they took the phones off line until after 8pm (when the flight had left).

Prior to this one of their staff told callers that the Home Office had cancelled Raul’s seat on the flight so there was no need for people to keep ringing in. This was a complete lie and further underlines the complicity of companies such as Kenya Airways in carrying out deportations.

Raul thanks everyone for their help. We need to continue the fight against Britain’s racist immigration laws. Keep checking the blog for updates and ways you can get involved.

Shut down all immigration prisons!

No deportations!


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Stop the deportation of Raul Ally on hunger strike since 10th April

Raul is currently being held in Colnbrook immigration prison to be deported to Tanzania  TOMORROW Wednesday 17th April on flight KQ101 from Heathrow

Take action:

Call Colnbrook to demand his release. Tell them you know he is on hunger strike (for almost a week now) they need to release him so he can get proper medical attention and he is in no fit state to fly.

Tel: 020 86075200
Then press option 1
Then press 310 (healthcare)

Or try:

Tel: 020 86075200
Then press option 1
Then press 354 (UKBA staff in Colnbrook)

Fax: 0208 7597996

Ring Kenya Airlines, flight KQ101 from Heathrow Wednesday 17th, 8pm. Demand that they do not take Raul. He is from Somalia and they are trying to
deport him to Tanzania against his will.

Central Office: 020 8283 1800
Heathrow Office: 020 8759 7366
Passenger reservations: 020 8283 1818
Email: UKres@kenya-airways.com
Fax: 020 82831880

See below for more information:

Monday 15th April Tyneside Community Action Against Racism (TCAR) organised a protest with Raul’s family and friends to demand his release from Colnbrook immigration prison and to halt the deportation set for this Wednesday 17th April.

Over 30 people attended the protest, with banners, placards and speeches and chants on the megaphone linking the racist treatment of asylum seekers and migrants to Britain’s imperialist plunder and pillage around the world, not least in Somalia.

Somalia has been carved up so that its energy resources can be exploited. In a conference on Somalia hosted in London in December 2011 Britain talked of its intention to secure ‘British interests’ in the oil-rich and strategically important region.

Now another conference is to be held in London on 7 May 2013. Ugandan, Burundian, Kenyan, Ethiopian, US, British and French troops have entered Somalia. Activists also protested outside Virgin Money, with several people occupying offices demanding to speak to a manager, highlighting Virgin’s role, with Virgin Atlantic, in deporting asylum seekers.

Raul, 18 years old, fled Somalia when he was 12 and has been living in the north east ever since. This is the second time he has been criminlaised and locked up in an immigration prison. The Home Office are trying to deport him to Tanzania – a country he has never been to and has no connection to. Raul has went on hunger strike because he is making a protest and stated he
would ‘rather starve than be treated like this’.

TCAR asks the question: who are the real criminals? The British government and companies who force war and poverty onto millions of people around the world? Or the people who are forced to flee such situations?

Free Raul Ally! End the criminalisation of asylum seekers and migrants!


Justice for Immigrants! Freedom for Refugees!
Together we are Stronger!

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HOS speaking this Saturday @ AGAINST RACISM [[Newcastle]]


26 JANUARY 2013

@ St Johns the Baptist Church Hall,

Grainger Street,

Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JG (map)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/466933896701976/


The global economic crisis has led to the working class in this country—and internationally—facing intensified reaction at the hands of the British state. The increasing levels of austerity at home, and military interventions abroad, are all part of this offensive.

Black and Asian people continue to be hit hardest; they make up a super-exploited section of the working class who are forced into the worst jobs and housing, have—in the case of many immigrants—restricted access to public services and welfare provision, and are detained in immigration prisons; to be deported at the whim of the government.

In order to divide and more easily oppress the entire working class, racism is used to justify the oppression of black people both in Britain and abroad and to scapegoat migrant workers and asylum seekers for the lack of jobs, housing, and services that result from the government’s attacks on all of us.

In this context, it’s more important than ever that we come together to discuss and educate ourselves about these issues and to organise against racism. Together we are stronger!

With plenty of time for discussion.

Sessions and speakers on:


John Grayson will speak on the experience of asylum seekers in G4S housing. Tom Vickers will speak on how British welfare has reinforced racist immigration controls.


Frances Webber will speak on the battle for migrant rights inside ‑and outside- of the courtroom. Raul Ally will speak on his personal experience of immigration detention.


Hands Off Somalia will speak on British imperialist interests in Somalia and the consequences for both its population and for Somalia migrants in Britain. Toby Harbertson will speak on British support for Israel and Israeli state racism.

Our Speakers:

Immigration barrister for 30 years, campaigner with the Institute of Race Relations and author of Borderline Justice: The Fight for Refugee and Migrant Rights (2012, Pluto)

Researcher and member of South Yorkshire Migrant and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG), expert on the consequences of the transfer of asylum housing to British security multinational G4S

A leading member of TCAR who is seeking asylum from Somalia and has been living in the North East since he was 12 years old, and spent the summer of 2012 imprisoned in Morton Hall immigration prison in Lincolnshire

Supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, researcher, and author of Refugees, Capitalism and the British State: Implications for social workers, volunteers and activists (2012, Ashgate)

Middle East and North Africa correspondent for Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! who, in the summer of 2011, volunteered with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (which resists Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes)


An anti-racist, anti-imperialist organisation dedicated to opposing any corporate, political, or military intervention in Somalia by the British state and challenging the criminalisation of Somali migrants in Britain.


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