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Raul Ally was deported last night – the Tanzanian government did not accept him – we are awaiting more information

Originally posted by TCAR tcarblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/raul-ally-was-deported-last-night.html?spref=tw

Raul Ally was deported yesterday evening without warning, without his family and friends being notified, without removal details. This was hours after UKBA asked Raul if he would be able to make his own way back to Newcastle, suggesting he would be released soon. And after family visits for Saturday and an appointment with a solicitor for today had been arranged

Raul Ali's supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

Raul Ali’s supporters protesting against his detention by UKBA

After 14 days of being on hunger strike and in a weakened state, a member of staff from Colnbrook entered the room and told Raul it was ‘time to go home, time to go back to Tanzania.’ Raul is not from Tanzania and has no connection to it. Shortly after this, 15 hired goons from private security firm Tascor (formerly Reliance and now owned by Capita) entered the room and forcibly carried Raul to the plane.

He was the first person on the plane and they bundled him into the staff room so that any protest he made would not be seen by passengers. Surely the pilot must have known about this treatment and the kidnap of Raul but allowed it to continue. We currently don’t know which airline it was that took him – but will find out and publicise the information.

Raul was taken to Tanzania but the government refused to take him because he is not Tanzanian. We are waiting to find out where he is now and what will happen next. We will keep the blog updated so check back for more information later tonight and tomorrow.

Raul’s family would like to thank everyone for their hard work. We will keep fighting

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[TCAR blog 16.04.13] While being held in Colnbrook immigration prison Raul has been refused proper medical attention. He has demanded to see a doctor to get health checks during his hunger strike but has been repeatedly refused. When supporters rang the healthcare unit in the prison, they were told that a doctor sees all detainees every morning – this is a lie.

Raul saw a nurse three days ago and it wasn’t until supporters put pressure on Colnbrook and chased up his MP to do the same that a doctor eventually saw him. Callers to the prison were repeatedly told by staff that ‘there is no problem’ as Raul was not being ‘treated differently from anyone else here’. Unfortunately, that is the problem.


Raul Ally – fought off his deportation today

Raul was taken to Heathrow Airport in a van by Tascor private security firm. Tascor are hired by UKBA to ‘escort’ detainees from immigration prisons to the airport. They are the largest private sector provider of this ‘service’ worldwide. Four Tascor men (Mr James Clark, Mr Simon Duke, Mr Gavin Coblem, and one other who went by the name of Matt) tried to get Raul out of the van to bundle him on the flight, deport and dump him in Tanzania.

Raul, despite being on hunger strike for 7 days and in a weak condition, courageously held on to the seat in the van as the four racist thugs attempted to drag him out, they cuffed one of his hands, he continued to struggle, wrapping his legs around part of the van, they then used their fingers to put heavy pressure on his throat and eventually got his other hand cuffed and took him to the plane, leaving his arms cut. His hands are now numb from the cuffs.

They sat him at the back of the plane, still in handcuffs, one guard either side and two in front, the boss of the Tascor mob staring back at Raul in an attempt to keep him quiet. He asked for water but they refused to give him any. Raul did not succumb to this torture or intimidation and found the energy to shout out to the passengers for help.

Passengers were concerned and complained to the staff. They asked what was happening and the security officers told them ‘It’s alright, he is just being removed’. An air stewardess came over to see what was happening. Raul said to her ‘You are a witness to this, they are torturing me.’ She spoke to the pilot who came over and said he was refusing to take Raul on the flight and he should be taken off.

Raul was taken off the plane and is currently being held back in Colnbrook.

Raul’s assailants claimed that Raul had been biting them and they were going to issue a complaint. The boss, at another failed attempt of intimidation, while angrily pointing his finger into Raul’s chest, said ‘This is personal, I’m being serious, if I see anything about what happened or my name in the paper I’m going to sue you.’ Raul looked him in the eye and said ‘I am being serious too.’

Raul is determined to fight and has stated he will remain on hunger strike until he is back in Newcastle.

Tyneside Community Action Against Racism and supporters of Raul bombarded Kenya Airlines with phone calls to demand they did not take him. From the volume of calls they received they took the phones off line until after 8pm (when the flight had left).

Prior to this one of their staff told callers that the Home Office had cancelled Raul’s seat on the flight so there was no need for people to keep ringing in. This was a complete lie and further underlines the complicity of companies such as Kenya Airways in carrying out deportations.

Raul thanks everyone for their help. We need to continue the fight against Britain’s racist immigration laws. Keep checking the blog for updates and ways you can get involved.

Shut down all immigration prisons!

No deportations!


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Said Kasim begins a hunger strike in Colnbrook IRC

Said Kasim has informed supporters of Hands off Somalia that he has begun a hunger strike inside Colnbrook immigration prison, in protest to his extensive unlawful detention – which is now over one year – and increasingly oppressive treatment inside the prison.

Said went for a further Judicial Review last Friday, only to find that the courts and contracted translation services CAPTIA had once again failed to provide Said with a Kibajuni translator. The judge adjourned his case but with no set date and ruled that Said’s removal can still take place.

British courts are scrambling after paying translation service CAPITA millions, only to find out CAPTIA can not provide a proper service and constantly don’t turn up to court. MPs have even described the deal as ‘nothing short of shambolic’.

Said forwarded HOS the fax below which emotionally explains his reasoning behind the protest and that he is prepared to risk his health and  life in order to get his freedom. Said also sent this fax to SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest.

Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest

Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest

Doctors at Colnbrook IRC have rushed to advise Said to postpone his action as he currently takes a cocktail of medicines to help with his heart condition and depression, which were only caused by his detention. Doctors told Said that a hunger strike could prove seriously detrimental to his health as consuming the drugs he normally takes without food could damage his liver and kidneys.

Said told Hands off Somalia that he is determined to continue to fight for his freedom despite the serious risks involved.

He told UKBA’s doctors “I’m not scared about my problems for a long time, you are a doctor and this is part of your job so ask UKBA questions and tell them I want to be free. I am not a terrorist and I’m not a danger to the public. In short, I’m not going to stop my hunger strike until I die”

Hands off Somalia support Said in this protest and plan solidarity actions to support him

You can support Said:

  • Call Colnbrook IRC to complain. Tel: 020 8607 5200 PRESS OPTION 1 THEN PRESS 303
  • Ring the Home Office to report his protest and demand his freedom. Telephone:  020 7035 4848 or Fax: 020 7035 4745 or Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
  • Contact local MP John Mcdonnell to inform him about Said’s hunger strike and ask why someone like Said would have to take to such measures to get justice. Email: mcdonnellj@parliament.uk or Twitter https://twitter.com/johnmcdonnellMP
  • Send us a message on Facebook of any action you want to take
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Said Kasim – fighting onwards for justice

Supporters from Hands off Somalia and Fight Racism Fight Imperialism (Revolutionary Communist Group) went to support Said Kasim on Friday for his Judicial Review (JR) application at the Royal Courts of Justice in London (The Strand).

The day was punishing for Said – surrounded by 3 Reliance (Tascor) security guards the entire time despite having a broken leg in a cast. However Said will be back in court this week on Friday to try again. His case was held until last on the day because the court failed to provide him with a translator, despite Said requesting one four days prior.

Although speaking some basic English, Said speaks Kibajuni, a southern Somali language. Said requested a translator to help understand everything correctly and to ensure he could represent himself in a fair and true way. He has previously always had a translator in court.

Supporters outside the court on 8th February 2013

Supporters outside the court on 8th February 2013

The judge – Timothy Brennan QC – wanted to interrogate Said, refusing to believe he ‘needed’ a translator. The judge asked (shouted at) Said various useless questions such as:

‘why are you in England?’
‘how can you live in this country if you don’t speak English?’
‘who wrote your application if you don’t speak English?’
‘where did you work before being in detention?’
‘how did you eat if you cant speak English?’
‘how did you survive if you cant speak English?’

Despite understanding that judges must test the sincerity of an individual – this was aggravating and came across as discriminating.

If you look at the QCs website you will see he does not specify in immigration law (mostly commercial law)

This attack was an attempt to unnerve Said and rock his boat. Said replied he doesnt speak English well but it was a tough moment. It was an outright and unnecessary attack towards him.

Said presented a document showing he had asked for a translator and previously submitted this to the court.

When the Judge asked the Home Office solicitor ‘how do we deal with this’ (?!), they replied that previously Said has had a translator in court so therefor seems to deserve one going forward.

The case has been adjourned until Friday 15 February – where we wil once again show up to support Said

Said Kasim told Hands off Somalia he was very happy to see his supporters in court and it made him stronger. Said explained that if supporters had not come to show their solidarity, he might have had his case thrown out all together.

Together we are stronger!
Fight racism!
Hands off Somalia!

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Said Kasim Mohamed – urgent action needed!

Thanks to NCADC for this publicity


Said Kasim Mohammed, a Somali national, came to the UK after suffering systematic persecution due to his ethnicity. He escaped from Somalia to Europe after an attempt to force him into slavery. Denied protection, he has been made repeatedly destitute in the UK. Despite his ill health he is now in detention and has removal directions for 29 January to Tanzania. Said is not from Tanzania and has no connections there. Although he does not feel Somalia is safe for him as he could be once again forced into hard labour, his experience of destitution and detention in the UK has made him desperate and he is simply asking that he is not deported to Tanzania.

Minority clan persecution in Somalia
Part of the Bajuni tribe, a minority group in Somalia, Said has suffered abuse and a denial of his basic rights. After the homes in his street were completely burnt by members of the majority clans, he narrowly escaped capture and the prospect of forced slavery. Throughout the Bajuni Island and the coastal areas many members of the Bajuni tribe have been forced to leave their homes. Young Bajuni men have been forced into slavery, the men often beaten, the women raped and their property looted.

The Home Office Operational Guidance Notes on Somalia states that minority groups ‘often lacking armed militias, continued to be disproportionately subject to killings, torture, rape, kidnapping for ransom, and looting of land and property with impunity by faction militias…..Bajuni clan residents are liable to suffer persecution at the hands of the majority clans’.

Minority Rights Group’s report, No Redress: Somalia’s Forgotten Minorities, documents how ‘Somali minorities collectively- and minority members individually- suffer denial and abuse of the whole range of basic human rights set out in international and regional conventions……the struggle for minority rights in Somalia takes place in a context where the abuse of human rights in general has persisted for decades, from widespread torture [to] political oppression’.

Detention and destitution in the UK
After claiming asylum in the UK, Said was detained and attempts were made to remove him to Luxembourg under the Dublin convention. After spending two months in detention Said was released after the Home Office stated that it would not be possible to send him there. His case was heard in the UK but his claim was refused. Soon after this he was evicted from his accommodation. He had no food, no roof over his head, no access to healthcare, and no money for travel – Said was made destitute.

Said Kasim in now being held in detention, his health is deteriorating. Unable to breath properly in the cells, Said’s doctor has written to the Home Office stating that he ‘desperately needs fresh air and should be released’. The Home Office has refused.

During one of seven attempts to remove Said Kasim, Said was assaulted by Home Office contracted escorts.

Despite having no passport or travel documents the Home Office was still attempting to deport me, this is illegal. The immigration guards came for me at around 7.30pm on the 30th September; they handcuffed me and put me in leg chains. They put me in the van where five officers manhandled me, pressing down on my chest. My hands and arms have swollen up because the handcuffs were so tight and I was being pulled by them. They put me on an airplane as part of a commercial flight….. I started shouting. The five immigration police tried to hide the handcuffs so the passengers could not see I was a prisoner. The passengers complained, took photos and recordings, and said that it was unsafe to fly me and looked like they were trying to kill me. The passengers went to talk to the pilot who remained hidden throughout this. ~Said

The Home Office have now informed Said that they are going to remove him to Tanzania, a country with which he has no connection. Detainees in Morton Hall say that UKBA officials have been issuing travel documents to Somalia, allegedly from the Tanzanian High Commission, in order to deport Somalis to Tanzania. The determination of nationality within the asylum system is deeply flawed. Despite repeated criticism, unreliable language testing is accepted by UKBA and the courts as ‘proof’ of someone’s nationality. Equating language with nationality is highly problematic, particularly when the methods of identifying a ‘mother tongue’ are so questionable. You can read more about the legal context to this debate here.

Said Kasim has successfully challenged seven forced removal attempts. Despite his failing health he still remains in detention. He has now been given a new ticket for removal on the 29th January again to Tanzania and needs your support.

Take action

Contact Qatar Airlines and ask them not to carry Said Kasim Mohammed against his will. Read our guide to airline campaigning here.

The flight details are QR76 (to Dar Es Salaam via Doha) at 15:05 on 29 January 2013.

You can write to, fax or email using your own words, or the example letter here.

Qatar Airways
3rd Floor, Victoria Buildings, Albert Square
1-7 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4DF

telephone: 0844 846 8380 or 020 7341 6031

fax: 0161 838 5398

email: tell-us@qatarairways.com and loncustomerrelations@uk.qatarairways.com

If you want to send a public message about their airline being used to remove someone against his will to a country he’s not even from, you can use:


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Justice for Ali! Activists protest at Taylor House IAC against UKBA threats and harassment

Hands off Somalia and supporters outside Taylor House IAC today

Hands off Somalia campaigners outside Taylor House IAC today

Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) and supporters went to Taylor House Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Court today in solidarity with Ali, a Somali man who continues to be persecuted by UKBA despite having resided in Britain since 1998 when he fled the Somali civil war.

Hands off Somalia interviewed Ali late last year (see: http://youtu.be/8g6KiMzJ-Qc) where he spoke of his struggle fleeing Somalia to living in Britain over the last 14 years where he faced poverty, homelessness, and injustice from the state and immigration authority UKBA.

The court visit today was a pre-hearing, which Ali was invited to attend by his solicitor. Normally this is just a session to prepare paperwork for the hearing, but campaigns mobilised in solidarity with Ali to send a clear message to UKBA that we oppose the injustice and it is being publicised widely.

Despite telling Ali to attend court today, his solicitor did not call Ali into the courtroom when the pre-hearing took place at 10am. Instead much to our frustration and against Ali’s wishes, the solicitor attended the pre-hearing alone and in private with the judge and UKBA. It’s not entirely clear why Ali’s solicitor refuses to have proper communication with his ‘client’ but these frustrating levels of legal representation are common for many immigrants fighting for their rights against UKBA.

However this setback proved enlightening in another way, as the court usher offered Ali and supporters to briefly meet with the judge at 1pm in the courtroom to discuss what was mentioned with the solicitor and UKBA.

Inside the courtroom, supporters were ‘welcomed’ by a hostile UKBA solicitor – who was waiting to prosecute another person that afternoon – that clearly did not appreciate seeing what the judge described as ‘half a football team’ turning up to defend Ali and his right to be free from UKBA harassment.

Despite hostile questions from the unknown UKBA solicitor, such as ‘what are you doing here’, ‘you don’t need to be here for this case’ words were exchanged and the message made clear that Hands off Somalia will return to the next pre-hearing with Ali and his future hearing if UKBA continue their rampage and the case goes ahead. UKBA have no business harassing Ali, who has consistently signed on as required every week by UKBA for the last few years since his unlawful detention for one and half years before that in various detention centres.

Also at court that day was Tacko Mbengue, a Senegalese political activist in Movement for Justice, a campaign fighting for all immigrant rights, respect and equality (see https://www.facebook.com/movementforjustice). A large powerful crowd of 30-40 activists inside Taylor House court supported Tacko. Tacko’s case has been adjourned until March 5th due to new evidence presented.

The theme of the day was clear – together we are stronger and we should not tolerate racism and the criminalisation of black people by the British government. We must continue to fight against the racist and imperialist British government that plunders Africa for its natural resources and ruthlessly targets black people in Britain for deportation and harassment.

Hands off Immigrants!

Hands off Somalia!

Justice for Ali!

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We want justice for Said – a letter to UKBA from HOS

Below is a copy of the letter Hands off Somalia, FRFI and No Borders in London sent to UKBA to demand justice for Somali man Said Kasim Mohamed, unlawfully held in Colnbrook IRC and threatened with deportation to Tanzania, a country he has no connection with.

We are continuing to support Said inside Colnbrook IRC who has commented that he feels uplifted and energised by the support and solidarity from HOS and others supporting groups. A number of other Somali and African people threatened by UKBA have come forward and are now working with HOS to stengthen the message that we will not back down against racist immigration laws and the detention of immigrants in this country.

Said got a copy of the below photo, taken outside York House (a court specifically used to deport and criminalise  immigrants) and has been distributing it inside Colnbrook prison. It goes to show that campaigning work can go a long way and that when we unite across the borders, despite our ethnic or national background, against imperialism and racism – we are stronger and we will win!


HOS and supporters and Said's recent bail hearing

HOS and supporters and Said’s recent bail hearing

UK Border Agency
Waterside Court
Kirstall Road
West Yorkshire


FAO: Hannan Nichols – Sarrah Russell

We are writing on behalf of Said Kassim Mohamed (HO ref: M1382343 and Port ref: ASL/2554282) currently held at Colnbrook IRC. We are a group working within the Somali community to highlight Said’s case and others like him.

Said has repeatedly requested since March 2012 for UKBA to take him to the Tanzanian High Commission to verify to the authorities that he is not a Tanzanian national. Said has been willing to comply with the authorities in order to get the assessment required to establish his identity.

UKBA seems unwilling to do this and Said has reiterated multiple times that he is a Somali national and has people in the Somali community in Britain who can vouch for him. It is not clear why UKBA refuse to offer Said a chance to have his identity verified by the Tanzanian authorities as is normal procedure.

Said wishes for this matter to come to an amicable solution as soon as possible. He has been detained for a considerable amount of time and requests that UKBA respond regarding this matter immediately.

We would also like to highlight for your record the attached letter we have sent to Hugh Logan at the PSU in regards to Said’s treatment at the hands of Reliance Security Group and UKBA on his attempted removal on 30 September 2012.

We are an active campaign that spreads information about Said’s case and others like him to press and media outlets. We are 100% certain that Said is Somali and UKBA has no right to unlawfully detain Said or to deport him to Tanzania.

Yours sincerely,

Hands off Somalia

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! newspaper
No Borders London 


Said Kasim Mohamed

Said Kasim Mohamed

Please contact the Home Office and Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre to demand Said’s release:

Home Office
Telephone:  020 7035 4848
Fax: 020 7035 4745
Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre
Telephone:  020 8607 5200
Fax: 020 8759 7996

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ALI’S STORY – 14 years of injustice and struggle

ALI’S STORY – 14 years of injustice and struggle

Hands off Somalia interviews Ali, a Somali man from the Bajuni ethnic minority who came to Britain in 1998 during the Somali civil war.

This is his story as told by Ali himself, including details how he was targeted by MI5 and the resulting punishment of being imprisoned for an extra 9 months for no apparent reason. Ali still faces deportation and harassment from UKBA and the state as he is forced to return to court to defend himself this year.

This video documents his unjust and racist treatment Ali faced, not only fleeing severe conditions of poverty and persecution but living in poverty and incarceration whilst living as a refugee and immigrant in Britain.

Please see this study for more information on Bajuni Somali people

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Said Kasim – Bail denied but the fight will continue

Bail denied for Said Kasim but the fight for justice continues

Supporters of Said Kasim Mohamed came to the court to show solidarity. After this photo was taken security staff rushed out to tell us that taking a photo outside the court is ‘illegal’ and that they would call the police. What are they scared of?

Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and supporters attended the bail hearing today for Said Kasim Mohamed at Hatton Cross IAC, Feltham.

Said, a Somali man who UKBA are falsely trying to deport to Tanzania, attended the court alone, resorting to representing himself in the hearing due to his solicitor at Wilson and Co not attending the case.

Bail was denied on this occasion as the judge insisted that Said was ‘likely to abscond’ on the grounds that UKBA wish to deport him as soon as possible, despite not having tried to do so since 30 September when Said rightly resisted removal. Meanwhile Said sits in prison and is denied bail.

The last time Hands off Somalia spoke to Said’s solicitor at Wilson, one of the three firms contracted by the government to give legal aid to immigrants, they said they were not even aware that UKBA had attempted to deport Said on 30 September.

Hands off Somalia demand to know why Wilson and Co fail to support Said and oppose his wrongful deportation to Tanzania.

Hands off Somalia has spoken with a number of individuals in similar situations as Said, who have confirmed that his case is not unique and many immigrants are often falsely held in detention for months or years as UKBA claim their identity is in dispute or unknown.

One man from Barundi told us he was held for 15 months in immigration prison as UKBA failed to either identify him or grant him bail. He went through over 7 solicitors before being able to get released on bail, eventually representing himself in court. He now has been put on an electronic tag for the last 12 months as he is monitored by UKBA despite not having committed any crime.

Like Said, many are forced in to a difficult situation when their country of origin does not have an official embassy or representation in Britain. Somalia has had a new government for months but this has not helped Said’s case.

The Tanzanian High Commission in London still refuse to offer Said an interview to support UKBA’s claims he is Tanzanian, whilst they try to deport him on suspicious travel documents with his photo pasted on.

Said now again faces imminent deportation and it is important that supporters  help us to build a campaign against UKBA and in solidarity with all those being unjustly detained and oppressed in detention centres around the country.

Follow us on Facebook to get in touch and leave a message on our wall if you want to help support Said’s case, and campaign against Britain’s criminalisation of Somali people and all immigrant communities.




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Hands off Immigrants! Hands off Somalia! Upcoming meeting on Saturday 1 December 2012

HANDS OFF IMMIGRANTS! HANDS OFF SOMALIA! Meeting on the 1 December 2012

Hands off Immigrants! Hands off Somalia!

When: Saturday December 1st @ 130pm
Speakers: Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, No Borders, followed by open discussion and debate
Location: Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE (Shepherds Bush Market tube)

Britain’s detention and deportation system is criminalising immigrants as part and parcel of its continuing attack on the people of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

From UKBA stop and searches to dawn raids, the threat of lengthy detention and deportation is very real for many Somali people in Britain – who are constantly criminalised whether they have a British passport or not. Recent attempts to deport Somali man Said Kasim Mohammed to Tanzania and Raul Ally (who has been in Britain since he was 12 years old) have reminded us that the British state is attacking Somali people who reside in Britain and who have fled the life-threatening conditions created by imperialist war and intervention in their own country.

British imperialism has butchered its way around the world, attacking and robbing the people of Asia, Africa, and South America. In 2009 British businesses and institutions made from a staggering £8,679.7bn from the rest of the world. This is 6.2 times Britain’s gross domestic product.

Britain is dependent on the wealth that is produced abroad, but when migrants arrive here, the state treats them with suspicion and contempt.

People can be held in immigration detention in Britain virtually indefinitely.  Many are imprisoned for purely administrative reasons; often with no access to legal help or advice. In 2010, 183 detainees were hospitalised as a result of self harm in immigration detention and 1,467 people were deemed ‘at risk’.  On 30 October Prince Ofusu became the latest person to die in detention; his death Harmondsworth immigration removal centre remains as yet unexplained.

During his time in detention, Raul Ally said:

‘We feel like criminals despite just wanting to come here because it is not safe in our country… I’m glad I’m out but the two months I had inside were the worst experience I’ve had in Britain, I want to say the worst in my life’

It is not only the Somali community who are under attack, but all immigrants in Britain, who are being made scapegoats for a financial crisis that they had no part in creating.

The detention and deportation of immigrants is a facet of British imperialism that can not be ignored. While the mainstream media either doesn’t report on it at all, or supports the government’s policies, the truth about detention and deportation remains hidden.

This is the same racist media which celebrated the extradition to the USA of Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad and others, whilst congratulating the Con-Dem government on not extraditing Gary McKinnon. All three are British citizens and the racist British state’s differential treatment according to skin colour, religion and ethnic background was clear for all to see.

We need to acknowledge the necessity to educate ourselves and build a movement which is prepared to defend the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers, and all those under attack.

Hands off Immigrants! 

Hands off Somalia!

When: Saturday December 1st @ 130pm
Speakers: Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, No Borders, followed by open discussion and debate
Location: Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE (Shepherds Bush Market tube)

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