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Political Open Mic – 27 April – organising to protest on 7 May


27 April 2013 @ 2pm


Come and voice your political opinions and put them to use by helping with planning, banner making, and with promotion for 7 May protest

Come and organise with Hands off Somalia on 27 April 2013

Come and organise with Hands off Somalia on 27 April 2013


Britain’s support to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is funded from various British government bodies, including the Ministry of Defence. In 2011 alone, 48.2% of the total funds contributed to the AMISOM EU trust fund, amounting to £15m, came from Britain. Why is Britain funding a proxy war in Africa?


Britain’s conference on Somalia in London on 7 May 2013 is purely to further the interests of British imperialism in the region, such as controlling the shipping lanes and natural resources like oil and gas. Britain, through the UN, is enforcing a new sectarian federal government model on to Somalia, to ensure it can divide and exploit the nation.



7 MAY 2013


Cleveland Row, SW1A 1BB


In February 2013, it was announced British military ‘advisors’ will be sent to Somalia. Under Obama, the US also pledges to send new troops.In March 2013, British troops also entered Mali. The Secretary for Defence Philip Hammond said it was to counter ‘threats’ to British ‘national interests’, just as Cameron said in 2012 that Somalia ‘directly threatens British interests’ and increased AMISOM funding.

British military interventions in Africa since 1945 :

1948 Ghana (Gold Coast): suppression of riots
1948-49 Somalia: preventing re-unification of the country, keeping protectorate
1948-51 Eritrea: suppression of the Shifta revolt
1951-54 Suez: Canal Zone
1952-56 Kenya: suppression of Mau Mau revolt. 11,500 Mau Mau were killed
1954 Egypt: intervention on the Nile
1956 Egypt: Suez crisis and invasion
1958 Malawi (Nyasaland): suppression of riots
1960-61 Cameroon: aid to the government
1961 Tanzania (Zanzibar): suppression of revolt
1963 Swaziland: Reinforcements sent to cover period of strike
1963 Tanzania (Zanzibar): preparations for election
1964 Tanzania (Tanganyika): army mutiny
1964 Uganda: Army mutiny
1964 Kenya: Army mutiny
1965 Mauritius: Suppression of riots
1965 Botswana (Bechuanaland): guarding the BBC’s Francistown radio station
1967 Libya: Guarding oil installations and preventing coup against King Idris
1973 Egypt: RAF moves UN troops after Yom Kippur war
1995 Angola: Operation Chantress with UN after civil war
1997 Congo: Operation Determinate
1998 Congo: Operation Ladbrook
2000 Sierra Leone: Intervention in civil war and attacks on Gambia
2003 Congo: Operation Coral
2003 Sierra Leone: Operation Keeling
2004 Cote D’Ivoire: Operation Phillis
2008-13 Somalia: Funding/training of AMISOM troops
2011 Libya: British backed NATO bombing
2013 Somalia: British military ‘advisors’ enter the country to ‘advise’
2013 Mali: British military troops enter alongside ex-colonisers France


Britain has no record of ‘helping’ any country in the world using its military, or its multinational corporations. Britain’s pledge to spend 0.7% of gross-national income on ‘aid’ by 2013 is an insult to African people living in absolute poverty.

British ‘aid’ is largely being used to bribe and buy off regional actors who help imperialism, to rob the continent of its natural resources. Its no coincidence ‘aid’ for Somalia was increased 208% between 2010 and 2015, followed by Nigeria at 116% – these are both oil rich and geopolitically vital nations for imperialist plunder. Additionally, 40 percent of UK’s aid to Somalia will go to Somaliland, where Britain is building an regional enclave to serve its own interests.

We have to tell the British government that Somalia, and Africa, are not ‘for sale’.

African people demand self determination and development, not exploitation, poverty, war, racism, manipulation and plunder.


The illegal abduction and torture of British Somali Mahdi Hashi. Racist UKBA deportation and detention of Somalis and Africans. The criminalisation of Somali people. Racist British media campaigns against Somali people. British terror and wars across the middle east and north Africa. Poverty in Britain and the cuts, forcing many Somali people into deep poverty

Come and support Hands off Somalia!

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UPCOMING EVENT: Fighting Racism in Britain -13 April @ 2pm LONDON


WHEN: Saturday April 13 2013 @ 2pm

WHERE: Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE

[Facebook event:]

HOS 13 April event

Britain’s brutal imperialist oppression around the world finds its mirror in a vicious racism at home. Black and Muslim people in particular bear the brunt of police racism and state repression.

Hands of Somalia works with the Somali community and others in Britain to fight racism. We have been involved in anti-deportation campaigns (Free Said) and other work to expose the role of British security services (MI5) attempting to recruit Somalis to spy on their own communities on behalf of the British state.

Come to our meeting and find out about Mahdi Hashi, a Somali youth worker from Kentish Town in London who was tortured, stripped of his British citizenship and secretly sent to trial in the US because he refused to work for M15 as an informer.

Speakers include:

#Hands off Somalia

#Revolutionary Communist Group

#Somali immigration lawyer

#And more…

<< PLUS >>

Plenty of time for open discussion and debate

Organising and planning for 7 May protest in London


Get angry – get organised – get involved in the fight against racism and imperialism.

Join Hands off Somalia!

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AFRICA’S GOT SOUL – open mic this Friday 7pm




O P E N  –  M I C
express yourself!

Africa's Got Soul - open mic this Friday in London

Africa’s Got Soul – open mic this Friday in London

@ Flyover
3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

/// 7-11 PM \\\\


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HOS speaking this Saturday @ AGAINST RACISM [[Newcastle]]


26 JANUARY 2013

@ St Johns the Baptist Church Hall,

Grainger Street,

Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JG (map)



The global economic crisis has led to the working class in this country—and internationally—facing intensified reaction at the hands of the British state. The increasing levels of austerity at home, and military interventions abroad, are all part of this offensive.

Black and Asian people continue to be hit hardest; they make up a super-exploited section of the working class who are forced into the worst jobs and housing, have—in the case of many immigrants—restricted access to public services and welfare provision, and are detained in immigration prisons; to be deported at the whim of the government.

In order to divide and more easily oppress the entire working class, racism is used to justify the oppression of black people both in Britain and abroad and to scapegoat migrant workers and asylum seekers for the lack of jobs, housing, and services that result from the government’s attacks on all of us.

In this context, it’s more important than ever that we come together to discuss and educate ourselves about these issues and to organise against racism. Together we are stronger!

With plenty of time for discussion.

Sessions and speakers on:


John Grayson will speak on the experience of asylum seekers in G4S housing. Tom Vickers will speak on how British welfare has reinforced racist immigration controls.


Frances Webber will speak on the battle for migrant rights inside ‑and outside- of the courtroom. Raul Ally will speak on his personal experience of immigration detention.


Hands Off Somalia will speak on British imperialist interests in Somalia and the consequences for both its population and for Somalia migrants in Britain. Toby Harbertson will speak on British support for Israel and Israeli state racism.

Our Speakers:

Immigration barrister for 30 years, campaigner with the Institute of Race Relations and author of Borderline Justice: The Fight for Refugee and Migrant Rights (2012, Pluto)

Researcher and member of South Yorkshire Migrant and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG), expert on the consequences of the transfer of asylum housing to British security multinational G4S

A leading member of TCAR who is seeking asylum from Somalia and has been living in the North East since he was 12 years old, and spent the summer of 2012 imprisoned in Morton Hall immigration prison in Lincolnshire

Supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, researcher, and author of Refugees, Capitalism and the British State: Implications for social workers, volunteers and activists (2012, Ashgate)

Middle East and North Africa correspondent for Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! who, in the summer of 2011, volunteered with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (which resists Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes)


An anti-racist, anti-imperialist organisation dedicated to opposing any corporate, political, or military intervention in Somalia by the British state and challenging the criminalisation of Somali migrants in Britain.


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Upcoming meeting Stop MI5 Blackmail – 18th Jan 2012

Come and attend the upcoming meeting to discuss the role of MI5 police blackmail activities effecting people in our communities. The case of Somali Mahdi Hashi and others like him will undoubtedly be discussed and it will be a place to meet new people to support the campaign. The meeting is free to attend and you should tell everyone about it!

No to police harassment! Free Mahdi now! Hands off Somalia!

Public Meeting

Stop MI5 blackmail!   Protect UK citizenship from attack!

Friday 18 January 2013

Council Chamber,
Camden Town Hall,
Judd St (near Kings Cross station)

Speakers include:

  • Saghir Hussain, Director, CagePrisoners
  • Sharhabeel Lone, Director, KTCO
  • Mohamed Nur, community worker, KTCO
  • Kurdish Federation UK
  • Tom Foot, journalist, Camden New Journal
  • George Binette, Branch Secretary, Camden UNISON
  • Frances Webber, Vice-President, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
  • Les Levidow, CAMPACC

Aims of the meeting:

  • To expose and stop MI5 practices of blackmail
  • To encourage individuals to refuse cooperation and expose blackmail attempts
  • To demand government accountability for such crimes
  • To protect UK citizenship from being withdrawn
  • To bring more organisations into the protest

Over several years MI5 has been systematically blackmailing individuals to spy on their communities.  In most cases, security agencies want information on political views and ordinary political activities. This covert surveillance spreads fear and distrust among communities here – all in the name of protecting ‘national security’.

In an extreme case, in October 2012 the Home Secretary withdrew the citizenship of a Somali-born UK citizen, Mahdi Hashi.  As a care worker in the Kentish Town Community Organisation (KTCO) in 2009, Mahdi had refused to become an MI5 informer. Then MI5 threatened him and four colleagues with being labelled as ‘Islamic extremists’ if they refused to become informers.

A more recent photograph of former Haverstock School pupil Mahdi Hashi

A more recent photograph of former Haverstock School pupil Mahdi Hashi

Madhi in particular felt so harassed by the MI5 that he left the country for Somalia, where he has family members. The Home Secretary later revoked his citizenship, thus preventing his return. After leaving Somalia he disappeared and was held at a secret detention site.

In December it became public that he was rendered to face ‘terrorism’ charges in a NY court.  There he is accused of participation in al Shabaab, a Somali group resisting foreign domination.   For details, see

For several years MI5 had blackmailed many other British Somalis.  MI5 told the men, ‘Work for us or we will say you are a terrorist.’  When they refused to cooperate, MI5 acted on the threat: afterwards some were detained and interrogated on trips abroad.

For details, see,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=47&cntnt01returnid=133

Such practices are widespread.  Beyond a few well-publicised cases, MI5 has blackmailed hundreds of refugees, especially Kurds and Tamils. Refugees face much higher stakes: they could be deported to torture, or else they could be granted asylum as a reward for becoming informers.

Meeting is sponsored by:

the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), CagePrisoners, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), Kurdish Federation UK, London Somali Youth Forum, Hands Off Somalia, Camden Green Party. And supported by Camden Councillors Sarah Hayward (Leader of Camden Council) and Maya de Souza

For information contact:


tel. 020 7586 5892


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Hands off Immigrants! Hands off Somalia! Upcoming meeting on Saturday 1 December 2012

HANDS OFF IMMIGRANTS! HANDS OFF SOMALIA! Meeting on the 1 December 2012

Hands off Immigrants! Hands off Somalia!

When: Saturday December 1st @ 130pm
Speakers: Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, No Borders, followed by open discussion and debate
Location: Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE (Shepherds Bush Market tube)

Britain’s detention and deportation system is criminalising immigrants as part and parcel of its continuing attack on the people of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

From UKBA stop and searches to dawn raids, the threat of lengthy detention and deportation is very real for many Somali people in Britain – who are constantly criminalised whether they have a British passport or not. Recent attempts to deport Somali man Said Kasim Mohammed to Tanzania and Raul Ally (who has been in Britain since he was 12 years old) have reminded us that the British state is attacking Somali people who reside in Britain and who have fled the life-threatening conditions created by imperialist war and intervention in their own country.

British imperialism has butchered its way around the world, attacking and robbing the people of Asia, Africa, and South America. In 2009 British businesses and institutions made from a staggering £8,679.7bn from the rest of the world. This is 6.2 times Britain’s gross domestic product.

Britain is dependent on the wealth that is produced abroad, but when migrants arrive here, the state treats them with suspicion and contempt.

People can be held in immigration detention in Britain virtually indefinitely.  Many are imprisoned for purely administrative reasons; often with no access to legal help or advice. In 2010, 183 detainees were hospitalised as a result of self harm in immigration detention and 1,467 people were deemed ‘at risk’.  On 30 October Prince Ofusu became the latest person to die in detention; his death Harmondsworth immigration removal centre remains as yet unexplained.

During his time in detention, Raul Ally said:

‘We feel like criminals despite just wanting to come here because it is not safe in our country… I’m glad I’m out but the two months I had inside were the worst experience I’ve had in Britain, I want to say the worst in my life’

It is not only the Somali community who are under attack, but all immigrants in Britain, who are being made scapegoats for a financial crisis that they had no part in creating.

The detention and deportation of immigrants is a facet of British imperialism that can not be ignored. While the mainstream media either doesn’t report on it at all, or supports the government’s policies, the truth about detention and deportation remains hidden.

This is the same racist media which celebrated the extradition to the USA of Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad and others, whilst congratulating the Con-Dem government on not extraditing Gary McKinnon. All three are British citizens and the racist British state’s differential treatment according to skin colour, religion and ethnic background was clear for all to see.

We need to acknowledge the necessity to educate ourselves and build a movement which is prepared to defend the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers, and all those under attack.

Hands off Immigrants! 

Hands off Somalia!

When: Saturday December 1st @ 130pm
Speakers: Hands off Somalia, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, No Borders, followed by open discussion and debate
Location: Horn Of Africa Community Centre, Shepherds Bush, Lime Grove, W12 8EE (Shepherds Bush Market tube)

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RAGE against the BBC – June 30 2012 – 2pm-4pm – DEMONSTRATE

The BBC recently aired a documentary about Somalia entitled ‘Escape from the World’s Most Dangerous Place’, which has enraged lots of Somali people in Britain.

Hands off Somalia, with your help, sent our complaints to the BBC and made them public – we got no reply or recognition from the BBC. See our post:

The BBC documentary does not explain any of the reasons why Somalia became what the British government terms ‘a failed state’; instead it depicts Somali people as barbaric and unable to control their own country.

The film simply provides propaganda to  justify Britain’s new warmongering and imperialist foreign policy towards Somalia.

Its time we take action and speak out against the BBC for their biased and reactionary propaganda and for being a mouthpiece of the British government

RAGE against the BBC

June 30 2012

**2pm-4pm **

Open mic and protest

Bring speeches, placards, banners and NOISE

Call 07906 624 391 for more info

RAGE Against the BBC – 30 June 2pm – 4pm

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Imperialist Hands off Africa! Meeting: Sat 16 June @ 2pm

A conference to discuss the new imperialist scramble for African oil and resources by the British government and its allies

 Join us at 2pm on Saturday 16 June at the Horn of Africa Community Group centre to listen to speakers discuss the recent new scramble for African resources by Britain and its imperialist allies in Europe and around the world.

The same multi-national companies, run by billionaires, pop up in Africa; Shell, BP, Africa Oil, Tullow Oil, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and the list goes on.

Now Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and now Somalia, to name a few, are all oil producing countries, so then why do the people still remain impoverished and denied basic living standards? Where is all the money really going?

Speakers from Fight Racism Fight Imperialism, Hands off Somalia, AAPRP and Uhuru will talk on the main angles British imperialism is pursuing to exploit Africa, including the never ending search for profit from oil and natural resources, the true causes behind underdevelopment and what is being done to oppose the western firms looting Africa.

Imperialist Hands Off Africa! conference, 16 June, 2pm

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Hands off Somalia LIVERPOOL – first reports of action

The following was sent to Hands Off Somalia by Takiyah from Hands Off Somalia in Liverpool, who has written this account reporting about the campaign and the early attempted sabotage by Somali ex-Liberal Democrat councillor Mohammed Ali.

It’s definitely a lively read and Hands Off Somalia are excited to hear about this event. We can’t wait to hear about the next action from HOS Liverpool and we hear they will also be holding a meeting on the same day as our conference on 28 April 2012, but in Liverpool (1-3pm @ the Unity Youth & Community Centre – 49 Dove St, Liverpool, L8 0TU)

Liverpool’s first Hands Off Somalia meeting took place March 31st in the heart of my local community, Toxteth. I’d attended a Hands Off Somalia meeting in London at the beginning of January and from that was put in contact with Robert from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! who, like myself, is based in Liverpool.

We wanted to try and see whether we could organise a Hands off Somalia meeting in Liverpool as we both agreed that it’s important that we adamantly oppose “intervention” in Somalia along with any other kind of imperialist aggression. The number of African Union soldiers in Somalia has been increased, as if military intervention – meaning yet more violence – is the solution to Somalia’s problems.

We’ve seen time and time again from Libya to Iraq what intervention actually means – the tearing up and pillaging of countries. I feel given that Britain has been built and sustained on this plunder, we have an obligation as citizens to put our government on a lead and inhibit their free ranging ability to step on whoever they want.

The meeting was probably the liveliest and highly charged meeting that I’ve been a part of. Around 30 people showed up. There was a real mixture of people and it was brilliant to see people that I’ve never met at other meetings or protests were there. We kept the speeches side of it relatively short, first I gave an introduction and then Charles talked about Somalia in its wider context in relation to a new scramble for Africa. After that, we opened it up for discussion.

Ex-Lib Dem councillor Mohammed Ali, who we’d had a meeting with prior to the 31st, attempted to sabotage the meeting. We knew that he was opposed to the meeting and didn’t want it to take place, but given that he waved at me through his car when I was standing in the street, I thought all was ok. How wrong I was.

Mr Ali arrived with another gentleman who, although not as hostile, was also opposed to the meeting. I imagine he came into the meeting with the image of bringing it to a grinding halt. He did try his very best to do so, by shouting over people when they were talking, interrupting the meeting with numerous spurts, and hurling abuse at people whenever he disagreed with

Instead of sabotaging the meeting, what actually happened is that people united against him. It brought people out of their shell. My aunty said after the meeting that she hadn’t actually planned to say anything, but she ended up right at the front exchanging heated words with him. So, I feel, regardless of his reactionary position he brought out a fire in people that quite often lacks in political meetings.

I left in high spirits and with connections to people who want to carry the campaign further. We’re having our next group meeting on Saturday 28th April to discuss our ideas on how we can move forward from here. When speaking with people individually, there is an all-round agreement that we can’t afford to sit idly by while our government, along with the US, attacks yet another country.

– Takiyah, HOS Liverpool

If you would like to get in contact with HOS Liverpool, please contact HOS via email – handsoffsomalia (at) gmail (dot) com

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