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You can get in contact with the campaign by:

  • Email us – handsoffsomalia ( A T ) gmail ( d o t ) com

  • Contacting us on Facebook

  • Message us on Twitter.


Hands Off Somalia is a campaign originally organised to oppose any upcoming corporate, political and military intervention in Somalia by the British government, which was signalled at their conference held on 23 February 2012.

Our demands:

Hands off Somalia! aims to stop any imperialist intervention in Somalia through helping to build and mobilise mass support for the right of Somalia’s self-determination. We also oppose all criminalisation of the Somali community in Britain.

Hands off Somalia! is a non-sectarian, anti-imperialist and anti-racist campaign which aims to offer organisation and education, through public actions and independent media, to all people in Britain who oppose outside intervention, and believe Somalia should be able to determine its own future free from the chains of imperialism.

Hands off Somalia! have agreed on the following demands:

  • No to imperialist military intervention, direct or through proxy
  • No to the violation of Somalia’s sovereignty
  • No to the exploitation of natural resources, by Western corporations, belonging to Somalia.
  • No to the dumping of toxic and nuclear waste in Somalia’s fishing waters
  • No to the division of Somalia
  • No to the criminalisation and scapegoating of the Somali community in Britain

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